If you want to do something new then you have to stop doing something old”.

Peter Drucker said that.

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Here’s the thing

Maybe you are happy being invisible to the new clients you want to attract?

Fine. In which case you can ignore this.

But if… you want to give people a reason to choose you… to make them cross the street to meet you.

Storytelling is your secret weapon.
To tell stories professionally you need help.
More specifically, my help.

I’m Adrian Samuel. I am a storyteller. Not just any old (53 actually) storyteller but one who knows and understands your pain as a lawyer… because I was a lawyer for over 20 years.
Other firms are taking the best work and the best clients.
You want the best work and the best clients though don’t you?

If not. Fine.
If you do……………..
Down here is a picture of a giraffe and my number. Call.

If you are shy then use the contact form or other links.

What we’ll do together

Consulting programme

Here is a list of outcomes you may be looking for:

  • Be the “go to” person for your niche
  • Stop worrying about where new clients will come from
  • Attract the right clients
  • More and better recommendations
  • Making networking work
  • Better staff retention and curing lack of loyalty disease
  • Finding a new or better way to connect with prospects
  • Developing core standards of sales methods which are professional, deliverable, believable, trusted and effective
  • Better profitability
  • Succession for the business

If you hire someone on an hourly rate this makes you feel uneasy. It can just be a blank cheque (does anyone use cheques anymore?).

A fixed retainer fee is best. This is indeed how I operate. No hourly rates to worry about. A definable process and a series of identifiable steps.

An example might be:

  • The difference you make
  • Get off the track
  • Competitor envy
  • Cross selling
  • Be the go to for your niche
  • Attract and keep commercial clients
  • Where will new biz come from
  • Are my public facing lawyers the best ones for my firm
  • Networking spend
  • Recommendations

Nothing is fixed in terms of this though.

We will talk first

Show me what you do and how you do it

I want to know

What you want to happen

We must agree

How realistic it is


  • I will prepare an outline programme
  • I will present the proposed programme to you
  • I will tell you how long it will take
  • I will tell you the price

None of these exploratory talks cost you a bean.

Here are a few of the processes we might agree are going to make the great work you do as a great lawyer, even…greater.

  • build a story driven brand
  • Worldviews
  • foundations
  • recognise how you connect or fail to and what has to be done to correct this
  • connect sales and marketing
  • taking risks to realise rewards
  • gain certainty about work sources
  • cultivate successful routes
  • stop soliciting
  • maximising networking
  • lawyers “love in”
  • crafting the message
  • deliver on promises
  • dump the ego
  • what have you tried before and why did it fail
  • let’s speak to the team
  • cuddle the clients
  • working the new into the old
  • look at how you recruit and where from
  • examine how proud staff are
  • what is their story
  • rewards programme
  • their skills – are they weird?
  • stop selling
  • detox the sales team
  • repopulate their guts

Remember the price is going to be much higher if you factor in the cost of doing it wrong or not doing it at all.

Your commitment.

Direct involvement in the programme.
The time frame will vary and I will do my best to fit in with your own commitments.


Let’s talk

Costs nothing. Might lead to something.

 Adrian Samuel 

+44 (0) 7794345601


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