Men are trained to be robust, resilient. They are generally less likely to share problems, health worries. Even over a beer with friends talk will turn to non-emotional topics and issues.

Crying….huh…..never in front of anyone else.

I generalise of course. But the implications are serious.

Our health and well being is both a physical and mental challenge. Problems shared are indeed problems halved and are problems solved by reason of that dialogue.

So in support of the Balls to Cancer campaign to get men to check out their bodies, get advice and help if they detect something odd or just to go and get a check up to rule out anything hinting at the “Big C” (or anything else sinister) I absolutely encourage a prostate check. All or some of these will happen:

Blood sample – well that is simple.

Pee test – you just have to pee into a special loo.

Ultrasound – a hand held device is skimmed over your lower abdomen.

Rectal exam – come on guys it takes a few seconds by a trained physician who has no interest in that area of your anatomy apart from recognising any medical issues. No pain. No effects. No shame.

You don’t have to tell anyone you did it. But you will want to because it really is so simple and massively reassuring. Then have a beer to celebrate.